Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This week's comic expectations

It's a different week, but the same story. We're in for another slow week. My attention span is unhappy, but my wallet is. Ah, the circle of life. Luckily with a good deal of my free time this week already ear-marked with video games to review, I can deal with another slow week.

But I digress. HERE'S THE LINK to the release list and you can see for yourself just as slow as we're talking. The one unique part of this week, though, is that, unlike last week in which DC made it slow with a lack of "Final Crisis" titles, this week its Marvel lacking in "Secret Invasion" books. Don't get me wrong, "Final Crisis" is still nowhere to be seen, but there is more than enough to like out of DC this week to make up for it.

It obviously all begins with Batman #680, the 5th and -- dare I geekily say -- penultimate issue of "Batman R.I.P." When last we left Bruce in all his Purple and Yellow glory, he was following the neon flashing signs to Arkham Asylum, where the Black Glove has put the Joker in a position to get the drop on our Caped Crusader. We've also been given clue after clue that the man behind Batman's current troubles is none other than Thomas Wayne, who had faked his own death... meaning we can expect Grant Morrison to turn that on its ear before all is said and done. Other than that, I still have very little clue as to where this story is going, and as the issues go by and I re-read it all, I'm enjoying it more and more.

Speaking of "R.I.P.," Dick Grayson's tie-in story continues this week in Nightwing #149, with the former Robin taking on a good deal of Batman's rogues gallery. It should be fairly insignificant, but could be entertaining nonetheless.

Another big title out of DC is Justice League of America #25, a story I'm pumped up for if only because it means that poorly executed Amazo/JLA showdown is all done. Honestly, Dwayne McDuffie's tenure on the title has been as uneven as a see-saw, which means maybe this next arc, featuring Vixen and Buddy Blank going after their unknown agitator could be pretty darned good. However, the one thing McDuffie has done very well is keep two pots on the stove at all times, so I am also curious to see what new idea he comes up with. So far we've seen very little of his actual ideas, as he's been busy tying up the many loose ends left by Brad Meltzer's great run on the book, so I am eager for McDuffie's own work.

Speaking of Vixen, if you are interested, the Vixen mini-series debuts this week with Vixen: Return of the Lion #1.

Believe it or not, you also may want to pickup Supergirl #34. Yes, I know, it's been years since Kara Zor-El was relevant. But, with new writer Sterling Gates on the book, who, it seems, has conferred in detail with Geoff Johns over what direction would be best for the Teen of Steel, we may finally get a Supergirl worth reading. Not to mention the fact that this is Gates' only issue before his part in the "New Krypton" arc next month.

From Marvel, as I said, not a lot. While Punisher: War Journal #24 is the only "Secret Invasion" tie-in of the week, a seemingly meaningless story of Punisher doing what he does, the only story of any significance as far as I'm concerned is Cable #7, which will see X-Force take on Bishop. Still, after just focusing an entire special on Bishop's side of the story a few weeks ago, I don't see Wolverine beating Lucas Bishop in this case.

That's about it. Slow week, great for video games.

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