Wednesday, October 1, 2008

'Lego Batman' in the house

All of last week, I was quite the sad panda. Every time I walked through a video game section in a store, and I saw "Lego Batman" there on the shelves, my heart broke a little inside. You see, the game was available... but not for me. I still had my press copy of the game on the way. And frankly, I don't make enough scratch here to go out and buy every game I need to review.

But that has all changed. When I walked into the office today, I found my mailbox stuffed with mail — namely, my "Lego Batman."

That's right, Killer Moth! As soon as I get home, you're going back to prison... where, judging by your outfit, you might enjoy...

Look for a full game review in Saturday's Gaming page.

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