Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heroes Review: Eris Quod Sum

OK, I know I am late with this, and I have a confession to make. I found myself giving "Heroes" only a passing interest last night. I didn't plan on it, it just, sort of, happened. I was re-reading "The Watchmen" for the first time in years yesterday, and I found myself giving Chapter X of the story just as much attention as the brand new episode of "Heroes."

But, in my defense, this latest episode didn't do too much to keep my attention. There were entertaining parts, of course, but it all just didn't click together.

Mohinder, with the strength and agility of a super-human, flees from a man who can fly and a power-newbie, when he had already shown no compunction against violence to keep his plans hidden. And by the way, Mohinder, you put Maya in a cocoon, she's not taking you back!

Clare went off on her own again without calling her father, which has been the stupidest aspect of the last two seasons. Your Dad is Batman, start using him!

Elle decides to run into a building from which Peter had just been ejected from. It's not like these two don't know each other, Elle should know if Peter, of all people, is being attacked in a building, don't go in the freakin' building! I was really interested in Elle at the end of last season, loving how they went into her own emotional needs and issues with her father and getting used. This year, I first hoped she would get paired with HRG, where those issues could continue, but no. Then, tonight, when I saw her and Clare together, I thought "what a great alternative!" But no.

Oh, and, first Daddy Petrelli wants Peter alive to test on him, then he's all too eager to throw Peter out a window after one little escape? How is he any less viable a test subject now?

And, by the way, I love a good emotionally unstable character as much as the next guy, but is Sylar the dumbest sonofabitch in the history of television? Oh, I'm listening to my Mommy now, who I just met. Oh, I'm listening to my Daddy now, who I've known for even less time. This is NOT the same character we saw in the first season.

I know there is supposed to be an air of danger to these last two episodes, but I'm just not feeling it, and I'm feeling no emotional connection to ANYONE yet, save for probably Matt Parkman, because they're all just so freakin' stupid! Someone grow a set and a brain already!

For God sakes, writers, pick a story and go with it! Sylar's with HRG, Sylar's with Peter, Sylar's with Daddy. Clare's on her own, Clare's with Fire Lady, Clare's with Elle, Clare's with Peter. Peter's trapped in another dude, Peter's in the future, Peter's on his own, Peter's with Clare.

It's like a little bit of criticism over pacing last season has made these writers completely forget anything they've ever learned about story development.

Listen, these stories are still kind of entertaining, when you can follow them. The idea of the team of villains is still intriguing, and Robert Forster's Daddy Petrelli makes for a good head baddie. But there is very little linking week to week, episode to episode and character to character.

Last night, reading a 23-year old comic book while watching this show I formerly really cared about, it hit me just how far "Heroes" has fallen. Here's hoping it improves soon.

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