Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Three Red Lights (Shipping) Update

Finally with a shipping slip, I went to Mailboxes Etc. today and learned two horrible facts:

1) This particular Mailboxes Etc. has packed and shipped so many Xboxes to the service center that they've established a flat formula and rate for shipping them. $15 bucks. Sure, a little pricey, but I just wanted it done with.

2) This particular Mailboxes Etc. HAS Shipping Xboxes overnight, supplied free from Microsoft. Remember, Supervisor "Jay" at Microsoft said they DON'T Ship Overnight, but did say she would send a note to the technicians to expedite my repairs.

So, unfortunately, this meant I had to call back Microsoft hunting for "Jay."

While the agent who picked up the phone, "Lindsay," said she wouldn't be able to get me "Jay," she seemed very sympathetic listening to my Sob Story, and told me that yes, they have shipped overnight on occasion, before putting me into contact with a new Supervisor, "Chris."

"Chris" told me two more interesting things: 1) He could've authorized the overnight shipping had I not just shipped my Xbox today. 2) He was SHOCKED that "Jay" told me she would send a note to the technicians asking for my repair to be expedited, since THEY CAN'T DO THAT!

So, basically, this woman "Jay" is just a dirty dirty liar. Thank you, Microsoft!

But, "Chris," on his first day back from vacation, apparently, said he would help me out by assigning me to a Special Repair Supervisor, who is, apparently, going to be calling me tomorrow and calling me on a daily basis to update me on the status of my repairs. Personally, this sounds like a bit of overkill if it's true, but after how I've been treated, I deserve overkill.

So, to make a long aggravating story short: I sent my Xbox in today and tomorrow, between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. I'm going to be hearing from my special agent. We'll see how that goes.

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