Thursday, October 30, 2008

'Celebrity Sports Showdown'

I spent last night playing "Celebrity Sports Showdown" because, well, sometimes us game reviewers have to bite the bullet. I didn't have enough time to play "Spider-man: Web of Shadows" in time to write something up for Saturday's Gaming page, so I played another game I was sent to review, EA Sports' "Star" filled mini-game fest.

I put "Star" in quotes since, well, I don't really consider Avril Lavigne, Fergie or Keith Urban celebrities. I consider them annoyances I notice when I'm flipping between Comedy Central and G4 on my TV. Above, you can see one of these "Stars," LeAnn Rimes... skating in capris and a tube top. Who knew she was still alive? Last thing I remember her doing is singing that duet with Elton John and then fading into obscurity. Well, she's back, along with... Kristi Yamaguchi? But Figure Skating isn't even in this game!

Honestly, the biggest question I have with this game is, who picked which people would take part in this game? I picture a big board room full or executives debating if Gary Coleman is still considered a celebrity. The group of "Stars" in this game does give off a definite Danny Bonaduce feel.

To be perfectly honest, I mocked this game up and down... right up until EA told me I'd be getting a copy in the mail. That said, I was Pleasantly Surprised by this game. The celebrity aspect was the worst part of this game. Read my full review in Saturday's Poughkeepsie Journal Gaming page.

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