Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This week's comic book expectations

It's another slower than average week, but luckily we again have several good DC books and a couple from Marvel. HERE'S THE FULL LIST.

The triple A book of the week is Action Comics #870, the conclusion to Geoff Johns' fantastic "Brainiac" arc. When last we left our heroes, Brainiac had captured Metropolis, and is now poised to obliterate Earth. Well, of course this won't happen, but the ride is still a fun one, right? Personally, I am just interested to see how Clark manages to overcome this incrediblly powerful version of Brainiac. And, of course, this will all filter into the big crossover "New Krypton," which means it is of course must-read stuff for DC fans.

Speaking of Johns, Green Lantern #35 wraps up the "Secret Origins" arc, but more importantly, it leads directly into next month's precursor to "Blackest Night," "Rage of the Red Lanterns." We've seen Hal grow into his role as a Lantern, we've seen Sinestro as a teacher, now comes the part where it all ties together with the future (and, if the cover is any indication, shows the Guardians doing what they do best, hide the truth in a big way).

I am very excited about Final Crisis: Revelations #3, because personally I think every DC fan should be reading it. Greg Rucka's work is THAT GOOD. And I know, the knock on the series so far is how it is not new-reader accessible. Well, I have news for you, most stories are not. There has to be a jumping on point for any characters and any story. For most, the jumping on point for this Question was "52," but even if you haven't, no DC fan should not have a knowlege of the Spectre, and everyone should be reading anytime Rucka writes the Question. On top of that, the closing moments of last month's issue, with Montoya running into the anti-life Batwoman, was stunning. Frankly, I feel like this series is going to tell much more of that month of Anti-Life takeover than the main "Final Crisis" book will.

And don't forget your weekly "Batman R.I.P." tie-in, either, Detective Comics #849 -- which, again, really doesn't tie-in to Grant Morrison's main story -- but it hasn't been a bad Hush story so far. This is the (Geek Term Coming...) Penultimate issue.

From Marvel this week is X-Men: Original Sin #1, the first of a five-part story crossing over "X-Men: Legacy" and "Wolverine: Origins," which will not only show Professor X and Wolverine re-discovering their pasts together, but it will also, apparently, tell the truth of how Wolverine first joined the X-Men. personally, I am kind of sick of these "Hidden Tales of the Past" stuff. Can no writer think up new content anymore? All the same, if there is one character that knows about memory loss, its Wolverine, so it's only logical to crossover these two series right now.

I'm also excited for Secret Invasion: Inhumans #3. The Royal Family has fled the Skrull-infested Atilan in search of Black Bolt, who is currently in Skrull possession. And, to make matters worse, the Skrulls plan to harness his power as an ultimate weapon. Do I need to sell this book anymore?

That's about it. Still, please please PLEASE do not go buy Marvel Zombies 3 #1. Please. We have to stop encouraging Marvel of this nonsense. Write something well and original, for a change, Marvel!

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