Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This week's comic expectations

We've one of those "Something for Everyone" weeks ahead of us, with big news for Superman, Green Lantern, X-Men, Skrulls and the Project Superpowers world, among others. Click THIS LINK for the full list.

The titles I'm most looking forward to this week is Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns #1. And don't let the name fool you, this is hardly a "Final Crisis" tie-in. Instead, think back to that "Sinestro Corps. Special" Geoff Johns put out before the big Green vs. Yellow war really kicked off. That's the type of issue we're looking at here. Lots of future threads being built up, lots of explanation over what a Red Lantern is (you won't believe what that blood they spit out at their initiation is), and lots of looking forward to the DC event most people are looking forward to, "Blackest Night."

Speaking of DC events, Superman #681 marks the second installment of the "New Krypton" storyline, which promises to continue to answer the question of who was being "Atlas' " actions. But personally, I could care less right now about that thread, since the whole Kryptonians on Earth thing is so rich. We still haven't seen Kara's loyalties tested, we haven't seen if the group will listen to Kal El's teachings, and did you see that Whale last issue?!? Oh well, I guess that's what a nine-part story is for, right?

Finally from DC, while I'm not so excited for the supporting-star-filled Justice League of America #26 this week, I do find myself anticipating similarly supporting-player-staring Trinity #22. I know, pigs are flying. This must be why I saw snow driving to work today, the world has gone mad. I really am interested in Firestorm's foray into this new world, and I am curious as to what happened to the only semi-transformed villains of this series, now that Kanjar Ro has shown his face. "Trinity" has really proven to be a worthwhile read, against all odds.

Marvel has a couple of big issues of its own on the shelves this week, beginning with Avengers: The Initiative #18, which features the Skull Kill Krew and the true secret of why the Skrulls wanted to implement the 50-states initiative in the first place. The supporting "Avengers" tie-in issues have been the best part of "Secret Invasion," and this seems to be another example of it. Personally, I'm just eager to see if this issue dismantles the 50-state plan, which would be just another example of Marvel setting things up only to knock them down, without giving any room to live in the world they created.

Other "Secret Invasion" titles this week include Secret Invasion Thor #3, Nova #18 and Secret Invasion X-Men #3.

Speaking of X-Men, Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes #1 is out this week. And, regardless of the problems I've had with this series since Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi took over a couple of months ago, I really just want to know why we need this two-part story, each story being 48 pages? How does this information, describing what Subject X has been up to before his suicide and what a Ghost Box is, NOT fit into the main "Astonishing X-Men" book? why couldn't Ellis just make the main story eight installments instead of six, and let a fill-in artist handle two of the issues? Bianchi's work is not so iconic we can't handle a fill-in artist now and then. Hell, I would prefer most any other artist on this book, and I would DEFINITELY take the particular fill-in artist handling duties on this special, Alan Davis. We'll see how this two-parter differentiates itself (although I'm not optimistic, if you couldn't tell).

Finally, I wanted to make special mention of the world of Dynamite Comics' "Project Superpowers." The first series for the title wraps up with Project Superpowers #7, and if you haven't been reading this story, buy the freakin' trade! This story, while confusing from time to time (what good story isn't?), has been a masterpiece. Watching these characters come back together as a team after the tragedy the Fighting Yank put them through has been a fun ride, while the underlying story of "green" vs. technology has been a unique and original way of telling a tale of the future. In a very short amount of time, I've not only gotten to know these characters but am cheering them along, something that doesn't regularly happen so soon into a comic series in today's world. Dynamite is also doing something genius, in my opinion. This week, in addition to the final issue of the first series of "Superpowers," Dynamite is also putting out Project Superpowers 2: The Supremacy #0, the first installment of the sequel series. This is a fantastic way to keep the momentum rolling, as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, that's it, enjoy the strong week.

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