Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Heroes Report on 'I am Become Death'

We're going to do things a little differently this week because, frankly, this episode's poor writing -- just the latest piece of poor writing in a growing list -- made me cringe.

So, instead of giving a full report on what happened here, I'm just going to poke holes in the writers' ideas (and add a comment or two), all in chronological order.

1) A combination of bad food and headphones gave Parkman the ability to paint the future? So... was the food or music made by a powered person? Otherwise, how is this accomplished with a special ability?

2) Why was Peter running from a handgun? He could have stopped time, or stopped the bullets, but instead he runs away like as if someone that powerful should be afraid of a handgun? And why does Clare keep chasing someone of Peter's power with a simple gun, anyway?!?

3) Ando and Hiro are stuck in a cell... why isn't Hiro just teleporting away?

4) After Peter was told someone in HIS time was about to make a formula that would change everything, why does Peter stay in the future and look for future Sylar instead of go back to the past and find scientists that could make this formula? How does Sylar's power help stop a formula from being made, anyway?!?

5) It's only been 4 years... Sylar has become THIS well adjusted?

6) Shouldn't Peter get Sylar's ability simply by being around him? Shouldn't he ALREADY have Sylar's power from being around him before? How does Fixing a Watch give Peter a power? And how does staring at a watch magically give him the knowhow for fixing it?

Was it just that Sylar needed someone to do some chores for him? "Hey Peter, go wash my car and you'll have magic car powers! Patch my roof and you'll have patching powers!" RIDICULOUS!

7) Again, in Costa Verde, why isn't Peter simply stopping time and neutralizing Clare and the others?

8) This isn't really a plot hole, but how big of a prick is Nathan, that he's back in the Senate, becoming well adjusted, and while he hasn't contacted his wife and kids yet, he's getting with Nikki/Jessica/Tracy AGAIN?

9) In the future, Nathan is President. Four Years in the Future. So... basically, Nathan rose to the Presidency in ONE TERM? Doubtful.

10) There were so many good instances over the past two seasons where Peter could have turned evil. There were so many ways. They need to make him evil by giving him a "Hunger?" And why did he need to cut Nathan's head open in order to understand intentions?

11) Hiro and Ando -- Can they really be this stupid? How long did Momma Petrelli really have to talk to these two to convince them to let Adam Monroe Free? And didn't Adam just try to kill Momma Petrelli? And what the hell is Adam going to do to find a formula?!? Honestly, this was the most ridiculous way to return Adam to the fold.

And also -- Adam was just imprisoned a few episodes ago. Did we really need him back so soon? Of course, that's just the latest infraction in a series of poor choices along these same lines: Nathan has "died" twice. Linderman died, now he's back. Nikki died, but she's back as Tracy. Sylar died, but now it seems he never will.

There are NO CONSEQUENCES for these characters, and consequently, no tension for us watching. Kill a few characters, Please! You may be sad by this (boo hoo, you lose one of your friends on set), but it will result in STRONGER stories.

This was one of the most disappointing episodes in Heroes history, as far as I am concerned. I felt like the rules these writers created governing this sci-fi universe were being re-written on the fly -- and that is the cardinal sin when it comes to convincing people to buy into a fantasy world. I'm pretty disgusted.

I've been trying to give these writers the benefit of the doubt, but this is just getting ridiculous.

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