Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This week's comic book expectations

We have a decent-sized week ahead of us, so click THIS LINK for the whole list.

The biggest book of the week is obviously Secret Invasion #6. And if you haven't even been paying attention to the series, you have to be excited simply for the cover of this book; Captain America (Bucky Barnes), Thor (who was once dead too) and Iron Man. Without even the context of the story, isn't it great to see Marvel's Avenging Trio back together again?

Now, putting the group into the context of the Invasion, this could be the issue where the tide turns in favor of humanity (if ever it does). Thor and Cap are getting involved right at the time Reed Richards (Mr. Deus ex Machina himself) has gotten free and has brought to Earth his Skrull-exposing gun. And for as goofy as that gun sounds, it still means the Earth has a fighting chance now. My big question that I hope gets answered here is, what happened to Queen Skrull? With three issues to go, I would guess she has one last ace up her sleeve.

Then there are the many weekly "Secret Invasion" tie-ins for the week, including Ms. Marvel #30, Secret Invasion Young Avengers/Runaways #3 and Secret Invasion X-Men #2. The only tie-in worth more than a passing interest, though, is Secret Invasion Inhumans #2. The Invasion has come in full force to Attilan, and the Skrulls are even more bold with giving away their secrets here, as Gorgon learned last issue. The main story of interest here is still Black Bolt's story. We know he is in the Skrulls' possession, we know they want to use him as the ultimate weapon, so will Medusa find him in time? If Bendis had given the Inhumans any love whatsoever in the main book, I would think this tie-in would have major implications. Instead, it just seems a good story.

And did I mention Deadpool #1 takes place with a "Secret Invasion" backdrop? If there's anyone who can make sense of the Skrulls' plans, its Deadpool.

And what of Deadpool's former partner? Cable King-Sized Spectacular #1 promises to tell Bishop's side of the story, which I've been looking forward to. So far the various X-writers have really not done a good job painting Bishop's Morality, as far as I'm concerned. Cable has always been the good guy of the story. Hopefully, if this issue is well done, we will start to feel that moral ambiguity we're supposed to be feeling from this story.

From DC, I've no doubt Final Crisis: Revelations #2 will continue the excitement established in the debut issue. You remember the issue, right? When the Spectre melted Dr. Light, took on Libra and went after the Question? Well, my question for the Question is still what the heck did she do to deserve the Spectre's wraith? Or is he just taking out his frustrations the Libra somehow is immune to his holy powers? And who is Libra Anyway?!? I was floored by issue #1, and this second issue is the first thing I read this week.

Booster Gold #12 is also out this week, the second issue of Chuck Dixon's two-part Bat-centric tale. While Dixon's simply a fill-in writer so you shouldn't expect anything ground-breaking to result from this story, the first part was pretty fun, featuring Booster dressing up as D-list Bat villain Killer Moth and kicking Bruce's tale a little too well, screwing with history. Expect an equally goofy conclusion.

Finally, last issue, the Green Lantern Corps. got caught in a bad rainstorm... of the body parts of family members. So, in Green Lantern Corps. #28, expect to see a whole lot of angry ring-slingers hunting down the people who caused eyeballs to fall from the sky. In fact, may some of these lanterns be switching colors soon?

OK, that does it for this week, enjoy Wednesday.

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