Friday, September 5, 2008

Rumor Mill: Maguire, Raimi back for 'Spidey' 4 and 5

Follow THIS LINK to the rumor that Sony has locked up Spider-man himself, Tobey Maguire, and director Sam Raimi to come back for "Spider-man" 4 and 5, which could potentially be shot back to back.

Now, I know many of you had MAJOR problems with "Spider-man 3." I had just as many problems as all of you combined, just look at my long-winded review of the movie at THIS LINK.

But, I am thrilled this duo is back and Sony is going to keep the franchise going, because I firmly believe in order for Raimi to come back, Sony had to promise to keep their nose out of his business and let him tell the story he wanted to.

There were studio fingerprints all over "Spidey 3," from shoe-horning venom in to changing Sandman's story to that RIDICULOUS dance sequence. Hopefully, this time around Raimi will get to tell his own tales, and hopefully include The Lizard, a villain Raimi had been building to since the first movie.

Spider-man films don't have to keep getting bigger and more convoluted. Peter can keep on fighting singular villains and the movies will be strong. Hopefully Raimi and Maguire bring that back to the franchise.

Oh, and hopefully this rumor is right.

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