Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Buy Pile Report: Amazons Attack

OK, so it turned out it wasn't such a wild night in the office tonight afterall, So I have all three Amazons Attack issues for this week read and digested.

If you haven't bought these three today, you're not missing all too much. The winner out of these three is, predictably, Amazons Attack #3. This issue again offers a broad overview of the war, showing that attacks on America have broken out everywhere -- Smallville, Kansas for one, Star City for another (guess which heroes tended to those particular problems?) There was also an interesting development among the Amazons' ranks --Artemis is beginning to doubt her queen. My prediction? Artemis comes out of this as the Amazons' leader.

More than most events I can remember, though, for as mediocre as this event has been, this main series is actually very good at making you feel like you're getting a complete story. You can also easily see where the tie-ins fit in, as irrelevant as they are.

If you are a fan of Wonder Girl or Supergirl, though, Teen Titans #48 is one tie-in to buy. The entire thing is simply Cassie and Kara attacking the U.S. Army (and eventually the Titans caught in the middle) in an effort to free their captive friends, arrested for suspicion of Amazon sympathizing (in a really goofy plot point). While it may at first seem ridiculous for a pair of super heroes to act so irrationally -- I think this may fit these two characters perfectly, especially with Cassie's mental state of late.

However, Beechen's super-cheesy dialog keeps this one from being a worth-while read for anyone other than a WG/SG fan (and I'm a Beechen fan!)

Lastly, we get a big ole' ball of cheese from Wonder Woman #10. The entire thing is just Diana arguing in her head about "who she is" and then confronting her Mother arguing about who she is -- and it might have some purpose to it all if Diana's history had not been changed and re-changed constantly. Again, if you're not a die-hard Diana fan, pass this issue in a heartbeat.

I'll be back late at night with more from my sizable this week Buy Pile...

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