Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Buy Pile Report: Sinestro Corps

OK, so my self control took a hit today after all, I broke down and pushed off work to read Green Lantern Sinestro Corps: Special #1 ...

This is Geoff Johns at his best. Now, before I get to Spoilers, I will say three things about this issue:

1) It felt like the first issue of a major company-spanning event, and in a very good way. The way that the first issues of the two Crisises (is that the right plural?) felt. My Mind is blown.

2) I kinda doubt this will end up having major event implications, since DC is not whoring it out like many other things... maybe it might have implications on the end of Countdown?

3) If you simply want to be spoiled, I guess everything that developed in this issue can be easily explained and you actually might not NEED to buy the issue and still jump on board at Green Lantern #21.

My Jaw Dropped to the ground on NUMEROUS occasions reading, so I really suggest you not reading the spoilers and just buying the book. But if you MUST just read spoilers...

Here are the Quick Hitting Spoilers:

- Sinestro has a MASSIVE Army of Ring-Slingers, probably more than the actual Green Lantern Corps has, especially after an attack on OA has left dozens dead. One of them is the ANTI-MONITOR!?!

- During the attack on OA, the Sinestro Corps busted Hank Henshaw and -- get this -- SUPERBOY PRIME out of GL Jail. They were promptly given Yellow Rings.

- Kyle Rayner was kidnapped by a yellow ring (using his trademark feelings of being an outsider) and taken to the Anti-Matter Universe, where it was revealed that ION is a parasite, the same as Parallax was. Rayner was stripped of ION and forced to house Parallax, making him a crown jewel in Sinestro's Army.

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