Friday, June 29, 2007

In Saturday's Gaming page

Ah, the best part of every week, I just finished putting together another blockbuster Gaming page, for Saturday's Poughkeepsie Journal Sports section (page 5C!)

And before you die of curiosity, I'll tell you ----- the color scheme for Saturday's centerpiece is Orange and Green. I know you all love the colors.

Our centerpiece is not only a story on the World Series of Poker's HORSE event, which concluded today, but also a story on why several stars think HORSE should be the game that decides who the World Poker Champion is each year.

We also have a feature on the Wii being so hard to find (like we didn't know that already) and news about just how badly the Wii is kicking the PS3's ass in sales.

Finally, as always, we have our weekly fantasy baseball advice column.

With pages like this, they sell themselves... especially since the whole paper is 50 center, all you have to do is flip to page 5C and you're there!

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