Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This week's comic expectations

So, we're all enjoying World War Hulk so far, right? Well, Marvel is going to start enjoying it much more this week. You see, this week the tie-ins really begin -- where the real money is made. Sure, the main title may be fantastic for 3 bucks a pop, but then there are always dozens of tie-ins, also at 3 bucks each, and most of which won't be up to snuff. So, this is the week that you need to figure out just how much money you plan on spending on World War Hulk (and Amazons Attack, for that matter) and on which titles.

This week, we have two World War Hulk tie-ins, World War Hulk: Front Line #1 and World War Hulk: X-Men #1 (No, She-Hulk #19 is no tie-in). Now, while it would seem WWH:Front Line may offer more actual WWH storyline exposition than WWH:X-Men, I wonder just how much a Front Line title is needed in WWH. I mean, Front Line was fantastic in Civil War, but this event is far different from Civil War. This is less cerebral and more fun -- which is why I am expecting Front Line this time around to be little more than Marvel milking the success of the first Front Line. WWH:X-Men, on the other hand, seems to be simply fun "Hulk Smash!" stuff, and it may be fun to see the first time the X-Men have tangled with Green Scar in a while.

The Amazons have a couple of tie-ins too, as well as Amazons Attack #3. And after Amazons Attack #2 actually delivered on making this story interesting again, I'm curious as to how it is going to adapt. For some reason this week in AA #3 and Teen Titans #48, Wonder Girl and Supergirl somehow seem to be joining the Amazons cause. Why is this? Hopefully we'll find out Wednesday. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman #10 comes out Wednesday as well, and so far the person who should be the star of this event has done nothing special in it. I'm not saying to pass this issue, since we all know Diana is going to play a large role eventually, but so far the WW tie-in issues have been a bore.

We also do have some non-event issues this week too.

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1 comes out, and we'll finally get to see the crazy lineup of rogues that Sinestro (with the help of Geoff Johns) has established. Frankly the thought of Cyborg Superman with a yellow power ring alone is frightening, let alone all the other goons. Oh, and Kyle Rayner may be in trouble here...

We also have what is billed as being a giant event for the X-Men -- X-Men #200, marking the official return of the Marauders, this time led by Gambit. Mike Carey has his team of X-Men in shambles -- in a good way for readers -- and this new (old) team of villains may be too much for them to handle. I would say this is a must read book for any X-Men fan, but frankly, Chris Bachalo's art is so ugly to look at that I hardly enjoy anything he draws.

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