Thursday, June 28, 2007

Buy Pile Report: Final for the week

Yes, a week with three separate Buy Pile reports. I don't know if you should be thrilled or pissed at the amount of stringing you along. I promise this third one will be the shortest of the trilogy... if for no other reason that in the six comics I just read since leaving the office, none of them really had much of an impact.

The least impact of all of them may be, in fact, Countdown #44. This series has been ho-hum for several issues in a row now, as the biggest development in this one was Mary Marvel getting pissed at Billy Batson (looking older with white hair and a white uni, by the way) for telling her she shouldn't have accepted powers from Black Marvel. Like we wouldn't know he would be unhappy or she would get all bitchy at him. Other than that...? The rogues were shown on the run (duh), Jimmy again shows off odd powers he cannot explain (again!), and Holly is brought to some strange Ancient-Greek-woman-looking health club place (that's the best I can describe it).

Frankly, the most interesting part of this whole issue was Dan Didio's DC Nation column, in which he said another big DC death would come by year's end, and it would cause "outrageous fortunes." And how sad is it for a book that was to be the "Spine of the DCU" that the most intriguing part was a stupid editor column page???

Silent War #6 concluded the mini-series, and I'm left feeling a little empty about the whole thing. The resolution? Maximus now rules the Inhumans, and after the Americans destroyed Atilian, Maximus is going to lead the group to live on Earth. Black Bolt is left alone.

Maybe I feel empty since this resolution -- the explosion on the moon and the ending of the people leaving Black Bolt there -- occurred in a quick five page span. Or maybe its because the story isn't really over, since the Inhumans are supposedly about to start a conquest on Earth. This was no ending.

OK, I'm failing in my attempt to make this a short entry! Let's just go straight to the lightning round!

- X-Men:First Class Vol. 2 #1 delivered on the same jovial 1960's meets 2000's tone of the mini-series, so pick it up!

- Ultimate Fantastic Four #43 introduced us to an Ultimate Silver Surfer (a real one, not the one from "Ultimate Extinction") and after reading, I have never been closer to saying there is no point to having an Ultimate Fantastic Four anymore.

- Ultimate X-Men #83 wasn't bad at all. It wasn't so spectacular. Nightcrawler now leads the Morlocks, and Jean is pretty clearly Phoenix, some interesting stuff. That said, how much better would this book be, if it were simply Scott and Jean leading a team in an Ultimate Universe similar to Ultimate Spider-Man's? Oh wait, that's X-Men: First Class!

- Fantastic Four #547 is simply the start to what looks to be a decent Fantastic Four vs. Frightful Four story. If that sounds like good classic Fan Four stuff, jump on board.

Want to know what's going on in Amazons Attack or what happened in the Sinestro Corps Special? Too lazy to just scroll down? Click on the links!

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