Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Video Games not ruled an Addiction...

... For now, that is. Read this Associated Press story and you can see for yourself. While the American Medical Association has ruled that video games are not a formal addiction, they are going to look further into it. Meaning, to me, that they are simply ignoring the subject for a while. But here, take a read:

"CHICAGO — The American Medical Association on Wednesday backed off calling excessive video-game playing a formal psychiatric addiction, saying instead that more research is needed.
A report prepared for the AMA’s annual policy meeting had sought to strongly encourage that video-game addiction be included in a widely used diagnostic manual of psychiatric illnesses.
AMA delegates instead adopted a watered-down measure declaring that while overuse of video games and online games can be a problem for children and adults, calling it a formal addiction would be premature.
“While more study is needed on the addictive potential of video games, the AMA remains concerned about the behavioral, health and societal effects of video game and Internet overuse,” said Dr. Ronald Davis, AMA’s president. “We urge parents to closely monitor children’s use of video games and the Internet.” "

I dunno about you, but I was always taught that a habit becomes an addiction when it impedes upon your normal daily activities and interactions in a detrimental way. I've heard countless stories of Gaming leading to getting fired from jobs or ruining relationships... I'd call that addiction.

Then again, getting classified as a formal addiction will only bring in the government for even more needless video game legislation... What do you think of all this?

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Jenn said...

It is an addiction of the worse kind! I'm a exwife of EQ. Believe me there is no other explaination!