Thursday, July 26, 2007

Countdown at Comic Con

OK, this is what is wrong, essentially with the amount of panels at these big Conventions. This, from a Comic Book Resources account from a panel called "DC Countdown... to the end?":

" “Is Final Crisis really going to be Crisis done the way you wish had been the first time?” asked another fan.

DiDio advised the audience to go to tomorrow's DC Nation panel for more on that question. "

Let me translate this: DC is not answering a question about the Final Crisis in a panel titled, in other words, counting down to the final crisis.

DC really answered no real questions in this damn panel, other than announce that "Countdown's" title will be renamed "Countdown to Final Crisis." Not that they are answering questions about the final crisis today. Come back tomorrow.

I love DC -- but crap, man!

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