Monday, July 23, 2007

Report on the 4400: "The Marked"

Last week I said how disappointed I was that the 4400's writers didn't make a major shocking status change in giving Tom Baldwin The Shot.

I apparently it was just a little game of misdirection. And I Bit HARD.

I bow to you 4400 writers, for although I knew you were not scared of change, even I could never have guessed this. Tom Baldwin now has a spy living in his head just waiting to hijack his body.

That's right, Tom Baldwin. The same person the future enlisted to be their present-day soldier now has a sleeper cell in his brain. I swear, I need to start wearing a chin-strap when watching this show, my jaw drops too often.

I mean, the idea of this secret opposing force to the 4400 was mind-blowing enough -- and tying in Matthew Ross made the story instantly believable, even though it's obvious that this storyline is a completely new idea the writers had recently.

And I'll give you one prediction right off the bat on this subject -- New NTAC Head Megan IS A MEMBER OF THE MARKED. I'll give you one better -- Tom is going to be the one to find out, after she and Tom get very chummy, if you know what I mean, and he gets real close to her ear.

If all of this "Marked" stuff was all we got this episode, I would have been satisfied. It was all fantastic. But we also did get plenty of Shawn/Collier stuff to mull over too. The two confront and finally Shawn officially cuts ties with Jordan. It was a scene that went very predictably, but necessary none the less.

And now the question becomes -- Should Shawn have healed Gabriel Pruitt? Personally, I think this will bite him in the hide. Guys with Pruitt's M.O. don't suddenly change their stripes. But still, the idea that possibly Shawn changed the course of history simply by doing the right thing would be a nice thing to see happen. Doubtful, but nice none the less. Would Shawn have healed him if he didn't expect Collier of foul play? Is that enough to change history?

So then... random thoughts, anyone?

1) Could that software guy be any more of a Bill Gates knockoff?

2) I like how Collier moved over 100 people into the bomb shelter, yet we only see three of them... in that tiny bomb shelter... three out of 100... realistic...

3) In the preview for next week, it seems Maia is going to join Collier. Apparently she really liked that PSP he bought her. Imagine if he got her a Nintendo DS!

4) I ask this as I do nearly every week... Are we sure "The Future" are the good guys?

5) Marco has to get over Diana already! I mean, I know she's Australian and all, but there are other Kangaroos in the Outback, mate!

6) I REALLY Hope they don't reveal Peter Coyote as a Marked. It would cheapen seasons 1-3.

7) FINALLY we have an explanation of where Matthew Ross came from!!!

8) I think the theme to this season is "Let's see how many people want to inject Tom with stuff"

9) I Love the consistent tension between Diana and Megan. I cannot remember one scene where they were really getting along with no edge in Diana's voice... which will only make things tougher when Marked Megan and Marked Tom start hookin' up...

10) What episode are we up to? Episode six or so this year? I have honestly been on the edge of my seat for five of them. Let's just hope this keeps up!

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