Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This week's comic expectations

Obviously, this week we have some perennial favorites. From Marvel we have X-Factor #21 and New Avengers #32, while DC is offering Justice Society #7 and Fables #63. But, there are also a few titles outside of your normal Buy Pile you may want to check out this week...

Green Lantern #21 is the most obvious of these titles. If you jumped off board Geoff Johns' Hal Jordan revival in the last few issues (I know I did!) then this is the time to get back on the bandwagon. Last week's "Sinestro Corps. Special," the Green Lantern family of books is the place to be in the DC Universe. Sinestro has assembled the most outrageous collection of bad guys comics has seen since the Super Friends' Legion of Doom, including the Anti-Monitor and Superboy Prime, not to mention Kyle Rayner, possessed by Parallax. I really don't think I need to say more.

But, another Green title, Green Arrow: Year One #1, might be another book to give a chance to. The "Year One" line has produced consistently good and original stories, and Oliver Queen is certainly a character that can produced a great gritty story. Especially considering this character has seen so many incarnations recently, between his character on "Smallville" and the upcoming "Supermax" movie, this story should offer another fresh take on the character.

A surprise book last month, Sub-Mariner #2 is another dark horse book to check out. Namor has always been a character that works best when he is on his own and indignant, and the first issue of this mini-series set him up to be just that. There is a growing movement in Atlantis to impeach the Prince, and a conspiracy trying to incite an American/Atlantian War behind his back, so Namor has packed his ego and hit the road on the path to the truth and (likely) violent consequences.

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