Saturday, July 7, 2007

New comic book store in the area

Driving to work today on route 55, I spotted a giant yellow sign saying "Upstate Comics." I pulled into the parking lot as quickly as I could (possibly endangering cars behind me, I wasn't paying so much attention) and walked to the door, only to find an empty (but for a few action figures) store with a sign that said "Grand Opening: July 27th."

The store, which is kind of right in between LaGrange and Freedom Plains (near the McDonald's) looks a bit small, but for residents of the area, as well as towns like Millbrook and Pawling and Red Hook, it seems like a viable and closer location to pick up your weekly stack.

I, for one, am pumped now because, as much as I like the Dragon's Den on route 9, Upstate Comics is right on my normal route to work. And, I like that one of those action figures already on the shelves was an X-Factor costume Cyclops. It's a good sign.

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