Monday, July 30, 2007

Report on the 4400: "Till we have built Jerusalem"

You know, there is really no point to this.

There is no point to reviewing each episode every week, because it feels like each and every episode takes such a giant leap forward in the storyline. And I mean that in a good way.

This show has established such an unsteady and spontaneous tone, it's indescribable. Think about it -- two weeks ago we're introduced to a little squatter village of 4400's, last week we're learning about a secret society of anti-4400 future people, and this week the 4400 are ANNEXING part of Seattle!!!

Jordan Collier just puts up his little banners and flags and -BAM- he takes south Seattle.

It reminded me of that old "Kids in the Hall" sketch where the guy dressed as an English explorer and a guy dressed as a French explorer both try to claim a guy's chest by planting a mini-flag in him.

And meanwhile, Maia makes a return to being a relevant character, deterring Collier from attacking America by faking a vision. You have to love that the girl knows she has power, and they've let the character act mature enough to use that power in a responsible way -- or in this case, not use the power.

I wonder though, how much of that fake was foreshadowing? Either foreshadowing that Collier will catch her in that lie and not trust her again, or in the foreshadowing that her "vision" will lead down Collier down a worse path?

But speaking of Maia, how great was the scene of her talking with Isabelle? It's moments like that, tying together present interaction to past interaction, that allows this show to take such quick leaps forward, and still keep continuity.

OK, enough of this paragraph form bullshit. Random thoughts:

1) You just know Billy Campbell took a few of those giant Jordan Collier flags home for his wall.

2) Shawn sure had to pay a lot for one booty call... I mean, looked like it was worth it, but still...

3) Why can't you just shoot the 4400's perimeter-making devices so they turn off?

4) We haven't seen the last of the super soldiers... and hopefully next time they show up, Dennis Ryland shows up too!

5) The "Sonic" restaurant commercials are growing on me. I know it isn't part of the show, but one of the commercials was just on, and it wasn't half bad.

6) I wonder... does Richard Tyler get attracted to Promise City?

7) And speaking of the Tylers, more and more I am thinking Isabelle is going to revert to being bad... she just seems so unsure of her place in the plans, and everyone like Maia and Collier keep telling her she isn't trusted... and also, Kyle really has never had any confirmation saying she does definitely belong, right?

8) I wonder how much it would cost to get a big flag made of myself?

9) That whole Megan and Tom almost kissing thing just felt real awkward and forced.

10) Now that Kyle put it out on the line for Tom, telling him about the 100 year old book, how long until Tom points out that "the future" could have planted that book?

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