Monday, July 9, 2007

Report on the 4400: "The Truth and Nothing but the"

Before we get too far into this week's episode, I want to put something out on paper that is starting to become evident, and has been building since the first episode of this season: People that take the promicin shot receive an ability matching their needs/desires.

The evidence? Graham (kid from episode one) wanted to be accepted, and he became beloved. The Autistic kid from episode two was constantly fearful, so he got the ability to incite fear in others. The old woman from last week was getting older and immobile, and she received the ability to be everywhere, pain free. Kyle wanted to become part of something bigger than himself, and gain the ability to heal Shawn -- and he not only is now the ringleader of something bigger than himself, but that ability led him to helping Shawn.

As I said, it's been heavily hinted to before, but after tonight's episode, seeing April -- a character that felt hurt and betrayed and lied to -- received the ability to always know the truth, and it solidified things for me. The only question now is just how soon this story idea pays off.

Anyway, onto the actual episode. This week's storyline, with April messing with the wrong people and having hitmen after her and whatnot -- it didn't really do much for me... but everything going on outside of the storyline was pretty intriguing stuff.

I like the angle the show is taking with Shawn. He's always been a 4400 in the limelight, and he is the most logical choice to be the first 4400 elected official. However, I don't trust this senator guy who is directing him. I know, I know, we're not supposed to trust him, and maybe, with television logic, that will make the most unexpected turn simply that he is in fact trustworthy. Still, Shawn is a character that has been used before...

And the teaming of Isabelle with Kyle REALLY works for me. Since Isabelle was depowered and imprisoned, she is a much more humble and lost character -- and I think this is logical, like a kid who was just given its first spanking. A little less bold, a little more hesitant. Like Kyle, she's looking to be a part of something. Her as a soldier in this growing Collier movement is very appealing to me.

But the biggest heart stopping moment was certainly the last moments -- the list of the "Chosen" 200 people that need to take the shot. Something about this show makes me feel like the writers would not be afraid to give Tom an ability. Its crazy. Its wild. Its the last thing that people would think of. This is the human compass of the show, for God sakes! Its INSANE! Which is exactly why I'm kind of expecting Kyle to get away with giving the shot to his father, whether he likes it or not.

And, if Tom had just killed Isabelle when he was SUPPOSED TO, then she would have never been around to translate that for Kyle... when you think about it...

Good episode, folks! Want some random thoughts? I'd be happy to!

1) How pissed is Shawn going to be when he finds out Kyle and Isabelle are sleeping together? You just know they will be soon...

2) April getting hired to become a government interrogator was just obvious.

3) Oh, and April working for the Feds made me think of how they used Gary Navarro... and, come to think of it, they've also used Shawn and Alana at times... Gosh, the government sure does love 4400's when they are useful, doesn't it? Ya think maybe that angle will come into play sometime soon?

4) If Shawn is throwing himself into a council position, when is he going to be running this re-opened 4400 Center?

5) Where is Dennis Ryland?!? Its been four episodes, with no mention of Haspell Corp! All this promicin shot stuff is right up his alley!

6) I'm kinda happy Ben is out of the immediate picture. That character is way too bland and perfect. Sure, let him marry Diana someday, just let that day be AFTER the show is canceled in a few years.

7) So, we got to see Maia this episode! For... um... 2 seconds... before she ran into her room... As I said, they've run out of things to do with her...

8) I love Kyle's character this season... but he's really not too bright... "This Book was written 85 years ago!" ... Kyle! You're dealing with a bunch of people from the future who don't mind fucking with the past!

9) Oh, and on another "Kyle's a moron" point... he tried lying to Tom "Mr. NTAC" Baldwin? Doesn't he realize his Dad finds out the truth about EVERYTHING?

10) Now that we know that everyone gets their heart's desire by taking the shot... I wonder what Danny Farrel's desire is?

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