Wednesday, July 25, 2007

He wants to be your SLEDGEHAMMER

I think Someone's been listening to too much Peter Gabriel... Get a Load of this story, out of the news capital of the world, Milwaukee...

A couple of kids broke into a Target store with a SLEDGEHAMMER and smashed the glass in the video game case to steal one game.

Let me repeat that. A SLEDGEHAMMER! How great is that?!? Only in mid-West, Man, robbing a store with a Sledgehammer rather than a gun or knife. Sure, they really should have stolen more than One game after going to all that effort, but still, how cool is using a Sledgehammer?!?

Personally, I would probably get caught while doing it, because I'd probably just start spouting crap like "By the power of Odin, the Mighty Thor shall smash thy glass! Have at Thee!"

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