Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nintendo's E3 News

For as annoying as all of those Wii/DS News story Montages were, that was some presentation from Nintendo. And you have to love how the House that Mario built managed to completely avoid answering the biggest question facing the Wii -- and still managed to blow people away.

What is Nintendo's answer to the question of losing their hardcore gaming audience? More Fad-peripherals and games featuring the Nintendo franchises!

No less than THREE extra Wii-peripherals were shown off: 1) Wii-Zapper, making the Wii-mote and Nunchuck into a gun looking kinda like a Howitzer, for use in first person shooters like "Medal of Honor," and it will be sold with software for $19.99. 2) Wii-Steering Wheel, which is essential just a circular holder for the Wii-mote, and it will move for free with MARIO KART for the Wii, which supposedly is coming out in the first quarter of 2008 (which means more like Spring or Summer of 2008). 3) And, finally, The Wii Fitness Board -- a scale-looking platform that can read not only your weight, but also your balance and weight shifting around. IT will be used in a new game called "WiiFit," and Miyamoto said the board can also be used in the future with other types of software (Expect a skateboarding game in the next year).

Oh, and by the way, Mario Kart will be one of the first games that let you PLAY ONLINE!

Not only that, but the new Metroid, Mario, and Smash Bros. games all now have dates, with Metroid out in August, Mario in November, and Smash Bros. in early December.

I'm still of the opinion that the Wii does not have enough hardcore gaming software to make it my Primary Gaming option. But with games like Mario Kart and "Mario Galaxy," it sure does look appealing to even a staunch Wii-Skeptic like myself. If you're going to try and grab every non-hardcore gamer out there, making a gun for first person shooters and a board made simply for fitness is a great way to continue their progress.

More thoughts from the E3 presentations to come...

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