Friday, September 7, 2007

Buy Pile Report: Everything but One More Day

Well, this week wasn't much to speak of... but I guess I have to anyway, huh?

The upside is, I saved Incredible Hulk #110 for last, and the issue managed to cushion the disappointments of the week. This was, far and away, the best tie-in issue to World War Hulk we have received yet, and I would venture to say the best we are going to get. If you are one of those claiming WWH has too much smash and not enough emotion, this is the issue to pick up.

While this is not a tear-jerker by any sense of the term, it does serve to further flesh out Hulk's character, the most development we've seen since World War Hulk #1. Basically, Amadeus Cho calls Hulk's bluff, and puts his theory that the Hulk won't kill to the test, passing with flying colors. And while some of the logic is faulty (How could hulk have NEVER killed a soldier?!?), it does serve to both show just how heroic the Hulk can be, and provide some glimpse of hope that Hulk will end his madness at some point soon.

In many ways, "Incredible Hulk" and "World War Hulk" are operating in the same fashion as the Sinestro Corps War is with "Green Lantern Corps" and "Green Lantern." The titles are almost exclusive of each other, yet when combined they give you the full scope of their respective wars.

Other than Hulk, nothing else really stood out for me this week. Countdown #34 was more of the same -- literally. More Jimmy Olsen confusion. More Mary Marvel magic mayhem. More rogues about to get pummeled, but we all know they won't. And worse, this issue wasn't even smooth while revealing nothing -- it was choppy. How hard is it to make an issue revealing nothing smooth?!?

Also, if you were thinking that the combination of Batman, J'onn J'onzz, Metamorpho and Catwoman would equate to a good read -- think again. While I am not ready to exactly write off on this title just yet (I'm close), Outsiders #50 was just a goofy ill-conceived story with the team trying to earn "villain cred" by fighting the Suicide Squad in a villains-only bar. As if nobody would already know these people are GOOD GUYS!!! And worse, we got no proper characterization from any of these solid personalities.

It was just a poor week all around... well, except for Hulk. Either way, we can all rest easy -- next week we get Justice Society #9 and Booster Gold #2.

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