Monday, September 10, 2007

New Zelda game with Wii Zapper

Over at the "Opposable Thumbs" Web Journal at THIS LINK you can read all about the rumored pack-in game with the Wii Zapper "Legend of Zelda: Crossbow Training."

While, yes, this may sound a goofy idea to pack a crossbow game with a plastic gun, you have to love the idea of firing a crossbow with Link. A gun does not fit (and should not be fit) into Hyrule, but a crossbow would.

And while it would also seem more logical to package a new "Duck Hunt" or a new "Hogan's Alley" or "Gotcha!" with this throw-back peripheral — I'm willing to bet Nintendo isn't, because they are going to market a Zapper-collection game for an extra $20 bucks or so. Wait and see.

For now, I'm excited at the prospect of another new Zelda game, even if the thing only lasts 30 minutes long and can only use a crossbow.

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