Thursday, September 6, 2007

Buy Pile Report: One More Day

Could the Early Buy Pile Report be anything else this week? The first issue of One More Day brings us readers One More Issue of the same. Sure this storyline is supposedly going to spell the end of Peter's marriage to Mary Jane — or possibly Aunt May's death — or possibly Mary Jane's death — but for this first issue, we just get more of the same:

Spidey's in a bad place, crying over his dying Aunt, crying over being duped into unmasking by Tony Stark — it would all be very touching — if we didn't just get a whole "Back in Black" arc that now was obviously just a mix of space-filler and movie tie-in, because we saw this exact same stuff.

If this story turns out to be as good as hyped, I guarantee this first issue will serve as a great first cog in a Hardcover collection someday, the primer that allows this story to stand the test of time on its own.

But, since we're in the here and now, all we have is a whole bunch of recap and rehash.

Yes, Peter will go to any lengths to save May. Yes, Peter is mad at Tony Stark and too proud to ask for his help. We've seen it already, even if it was done extremely very well in this issue.

For a four-issue arc that is supposed to be Earth-shattering for Peter, this issue was amazingly pointless. If you are just a casual Spidey fan who is only buying this arc due to the gravity of it (like me) then PASS THIS BOOK UP! Go ahead and buy the other three issues if you like, they couldn't be as uneventful as this one, but for now, One More Day is One More issue of the same.

The rest of this week's Buy Pile will be up soon, depending on how much ACTUAL work I have tonight in the office.

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