Sunday, September 2, 2007

Report on the 4400: Off week

As I said in the last post, U.S. Open coverage this week pushed The 4400 back a week. But, with only two episodes left, God only knows what is going to happen to wrap this season up. So, to keep your appetite whet for next week, here is USA's synopsis on next week's episode "Tiny Machines":

" In the premiere of "Tiny Machines," Meghan and Diana discover a way to extract the future entity out of Tom, which could cost him his life. Meanwhile, Shawn recruits a small band of Promicin positives to bust Kevin out of Promise City. And Isabelle delivers Jordan Collier into the hands of The Marked. "

So, judging by the first bit there, my theory from last week seems off. Oh well, it was a nice theory while it lasted. Also, I could not be more excited to see Shawn and Tess' small army in action.

Anyway, that's about all to talk about this week. Now go home.

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