Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Buy Pile Report: Justice Society

I'm going to do some complaining here, so before you read the rest of this, you should know that I really liked Justice Society #9, it was on par or just under par with the average issue of this series.

But, due to DC's need to promote and tease the life out of things, this issue could have been so much more. We knew everything about the climax of this issue before it was even printed. This issue was to be the precursor to the "Thy Kingdom Come" arc, featuring the return of Kingdom Come Superman. We even knew how it was going to happen, thanks to Starman's past ranting about needing to open black holes.

So, at the end of this issue, when Starman has made a black hole and a shadowy figure finds his way out of it, we all knew exactly who it was going to be. But, imagine if we didn't know Kingdom Come Supes was coming?

This could have been the biggest final-page shocker since Colossus' return in Astonishing X-Men #4! Marvel actually managed to keep C-Loss' return a secret, teasing to possible returns of other characters instead, and when Kitty Pryde turned around to see Piotr standing there, my jaw dropped right along with her.

In Justice Society #9, Dale Eaglesham plays Supes' return in a similar way, and yet, we are robbed of the 'wow' factor thanks to DC's teases and promos.

But, if you don't count that missed opportunity, this story is more of the same good wholesome family-oriented superhero stuff Johns has provided throughout this young series. Up until Superman's return, it's a nice relaxed story featuring the whole gang at a Fireman's Pancake breakfast. And while not much happens at all for the first 20 pages, it's still just well-done character-driven stuff.

So anyway, this issue is a big thumbs up, but it could have been two.

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