Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spider-man: Friend of Foe Demo

I just downloaded and played the Demo for "Spider-man: Friend or Foe," and let me tell you, this may be a must play game for comic book fans.

The basic story of the game is, as Spider-man, you're fighting your way through levels, beating major villians, and those villians end up joining you as your teammates in a common goal. So Spidey and any number of villains/allies (one at a time, of course) fight as a two-man team. Some teammates include Venom, Green Goblin, Harry Osborn and Iron Fist.

I just played the Demo, which is available for FREE on Xbox Live, and it's pretty darn fun. There's nothing complicated about it, just an old-school 3D side-scroller, with lots of punching, jumping and powers. But still, it's got some fun action and combos, which only bolster a great central game idea.

The game comes out of Oct. 2, so you'll likely miss out on it in the "Halo 3" afterglow, but still, if you are a comic book fan, you should at least download the Demo and see if this Spidey title is for you.

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