Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This week's comic expectations

It's all about Marvel and One More Day this week, as the only blockbuster title DC would have had running this week, Justice Society #9, was pushed back a week.

Amazing Spider-man #544 kicks off the four-part One More Day storyline, which Marvel promises will turn Spidey's world upside down. While all sorts of rumors have been flying about this event, from Mary Jane dying or Aunt May dying to Peter and MJ getting a divorce to the truly outrageous de-aging of Spider-man, all that Marvel is about to put Mr. Parker even deeper into the torture chamber.

Frankly, Marvel and Joe Quesada have been going on and on for years about how much better a character Peter Parker was when he was single and carefree, with the exception of a little teenage angst. What those morons haven't either realized or refuse to acknowledge is that Grownup Married Peter would be a damn great character too, if they would stop torturing him! Honestly, in the last year he's found out that his first love was a bit of a whore, he's been forced to unmask, forced to go underground, and had his Aunt shot! Leave the guy alone instead of giving him "One More Day" of this crap!

Still, I'll be buying... it should be noted that the guys at IGN's comic department have claimed to know the plot to One More Day and have been vaguely warning people not to waste their time on it...

Marvel is also offering Captain America: The Chosen #1 this week, a six-part series depicting the "final days of Captain America." This whole mini-series confuses me, because on the one hand, Marvel is claiming this is a Marvel Knights series (out of continuity) and on the other, they promise to tell the tale of Cap picking his successor. I don't understand how this series could be both, unless it is in fact a tale from World War Two. Still, Cap fans are probably going to drool over another Steve Rogers story.

We also have Incredible Hulk #110, pushed back from last week, continuing the tale of Amadeus Cho's attempts at helping the Hulk. And while I have enjoyed most of these Incredible Hulk/World War Hulk tie-in issues, and while Amadeus is a fun character to read, the fact remains that Cho and his band of Hulk-helpers have not made an appearance yet in World War Hulk proper, leading me to wonder exactly how pivotal this character and this storyline is in the grand scheme of the war.

The only truly interesting DC title this week would have to be Outsiders #50. After a horrible set of one-shots that showed which characters Batman selected for this team (which was spoiled by a promotional poster showing the team before the first one-shot ran), we are left with a decent set of characters, highlighted by J'onn J'onzz and Metamorpho. I'm not so crazy about how either of these characters have been written as of late, but team books can often return characters to the root of their personalities, and classic J'onn and Rex on the same team could be pretty fun. I'll be picking this title up on a very short leash.

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