Saturday, September 15, 2007

Halo-themed Xbox 360 out today

Today is the day, MasterChief-wannabees!

No, "Halo 3" isn't out until next Monday night at midnight. What is out tonight is the Halo inspired Xbox 360's! Wooooo! OK, to be perfectly honestly, I could give a damn what color my Xbox 360 is. It could be pink for all I care, as long as I can play "Halo" in a week.

Still, if you wanted to buy your specially-colored Spartan Green Xbox 360 with a 20-gig hard drive, you can get it, starting today, at $399.99.

The Halo 360 pack actually also comes with a play-and-charge kit for your wireless controller, so the $399 price tag is not a bad deal. What it doesn't include, though, is the ACTUAL GAME.

Think about it -- how many of these packs would they sell if they released "Halo 3" a week early as a Halo-console exclusive pack? Maybe up the price to $450? I bet there are well over 100,000 out there who would jump at the chance to overpay for an early week of play.

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