Monday, September 17, 2007

Man dies after Gaming for THREE DAYS

Get a load of THIS LINK to a story about a man in Beijing dying after three straight days of Internet Gaming. Apparently he was so exhausted from the Gaming that he just fell over.

Now, two things get me about this story.

1) The story does not say what game the man was playing -- and I want to know what game could possibly be so engrossing that he would need to play for 3 days without a sleep break??? I mean, the longest I've gone is maybe 20 straight hours. I really want to know what it was, and if he was mentally ill.

2) He played for three straight days at a CYBER CAFE? Really? What cafe is going to let some guy just sit there for three days playing non-stop? Can you imagine being a waitress, serving this man for eight hours, going home, and when you come back in the next day -- it's the same guy! And it's the same guy the next day? And the next! And the poor guy could not have smelled too good either. Too bad he probably stiffed her on the tip.

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