Monday, September 17, 2007

This week's comic expectations

When last we left the Hulk, he had imprisoned many of Earth's heroes in the bowels of Madison Square Garden, taken the roof off the building, and let plenty of well-wishers inside to watch his gladiator-style fights between the heroes. So, when World War Hulk #4 comes out Wednesday, be ready for some more Hulk-Smash fun.

While the series has not exactly lived up to the promise established in the first issue, I have a feeling there are still a few turns up Marvel's sleeve. We know that those heroes are going to make it out of this event alive. We know that, somehow, the Hulk is going to get beaten, and it is increasingly looking like he's going to be the one to beat himself. If that is the case, then I would guess that these next two issues of the event will have to be on-par with that spectacular first issue, with more feeling than smashing.

And for God sakes, keep staying away from the tie-in issues from this event, both WWH: Front Line #4 and WWH: Gamma Corps #3 come out on Wednesday, and neither are worth your money.

The event that has been worth your money is the Sinestro Corps. War. This week we see the first in a series of one-shots that tie-in to that event, Tales of the Sinestro Corps. Presents Parallax. Now, before you get too excited about getting more Sinestro Corps fun, you should remember a few things. 1) Geoff Johns will not be writing these one-shots. 2) These were not planned until the Sinestro Corps war was so well received. Which means, these one-shots are likely DC's attempt to cash-in on their surprise hit.

Now, these one-shots might be welcome additional information fleshing out more about these titanic super-villains from the war. I, in fact, strongly recommend you pick up this comic and give it a shot... just treat it with a short leash, it could simply be a money trap.

In Captain America #30, ole' Bucky is set to have it out with the Red Skull. Frankly, I'm not surprised, since Bucky has been itching to pick a fight with the Skull or Stark for a while now.

What I am looking for out of this issue is the twist we all see coming around the corner. Brubaker is too good a writer to let these characters run around like this for so long without a twist, and with Bucky in the Red Skull's clutches, I am guessing that Bucky might become the next to do the Skull's bidding, whether he wants to or not.

Oh, and finally, we have the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special. But, does anyone really give a damn? No? Didn't think so. OK, I'm calling it a day early.

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