Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Heavenly Sword out today

Another big release for the PS3 comes out today, "Heavenly Sword." As was the case with "Lair," Sony desperately needs this game to hit on all cylinders because of the amount of hype the game has already gotten.

Unfortunately, my boss, Mr. Jim Sheahan, has been on the injured list this week, meaning much more in-office work for me, and much less time to try out games, so I have no review of my own for this title. Instead, THIS LINK will take you to IGN's less than sterling take on the game.

By the way, I've been plowing through my season one DVD of Heroes in the past few days, and I didn't remember at all that in episode 16 Nikki/Jessica and Micah play "Heavenly Sword" in their home. That was an episode that aired in March! Do you think Sony might be having a problem with delays?

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