Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This week's comic expectations

As I said in my last post, this week is, in words of Will Ferrell, Gi-normous. It's the Andre the Giant of weeks. If other weeks are a mini-cooper, this week is a Chevy truck. If other weeks are a triceratops, this week is a tyrannosaurus. No, tyrannosaurus is too cliche, this week would be a brontosaurus. If other weeks are Katie Couric, this week is Oprah. You know, when Oprah's been binging on Twinkies and other assorted Little Debbie snacks.

This week is so huge that we're going to use the ever-so-rare Lightning Round format for this week's expectations. Rod Roddy, put sixty seconds up on the clock!

Black Adam: The Dark Ages #2: So, in the first issue, Adam climbed a mountain, ate his willing followers and brought his dead wife to the Lazarus pits. Need I say any more to get you interested in this second issue? Can these next seven issues possibly live up to the expectations?

Booster Gold #2: Every one's favorite 1980's DC superhero (other than Blue Beetle) has officially became an A-list hero with Geoff Johns co-writing this series. This week, the time and universe hopping hero meets Sinestro -- before he became evil.

Daredevil #100: Sure this anniversary issue is a little late, but its triple-sized! That's three-times the good stuff Ed Brubaker gives issue in and issue out. If you're not reading Brubaker's Daredevil, this might be the time to discover what you're missing.

Green Lantern #23: Amazingly, the Sinestro Corps. War has still not disappointed, and this issue featuring a face off between Hal and Parallax Kyle looks like a must-read for any following the war.

Justice League Classified #42: A J'onn J'onzz 5-part arc begins, and while I have no expectations that this will be a good series, it will be interesting to see if the series actually succeeds at writing the character well -- because God knows it seems nobody can anymore.

JLA Wedding Special: While I could really give a damn about seeing Ollie and Dinah's wedding, this event not only marks Dwayne McDuffie's debut as JLA scribe, but also seems to tie-in with Countdown events... still, what doesn't, these days?

Justice Society of America #9: I don't think I've waited for a comic with more anticipation since Astonishing X-Men #6. Justice Society has been nothing but top-notch writing each and every issue, and this issue kicks off an arc featuring the return of Kingdom Come Superman, one of my favorite heroes ever.

New Avengers #34: Yes, yes, the Avengers are fighting amongst each other. Yes, yes, they all think each other may be Skrulls. Yes, yes, I should be interested. But frankly, I've yet to see anything worth reading yet. This issue is mostly on this list because of the title's popularity, for some unknown reason.

Superman #667: Camelot Falls has an under-rated arc in my book, and this issue begins the two-part finale of the story. And, if the story itself doesn't pull you in, take a look at the cover -- its just some good Superman Smackdown time with a big ole' monster.

Thor #3: Thor died. Tony cloned Thor. Cloned Thor killed Thor's friends. Cloned Thor died. Real Thor came back to life. Guess who the first person he goes to smite is? Yes, in this issue, we get to see yet another of Marvel's A-List Beat Down Tony Stark.

X-Men Emperor Vulcan #1: I spent 12 issues waiting for X-Men in space to get good, and I am still waiting. Still, the idea of a mini-series devoted to a team of Havok, Rachel Grey, Polaris and others going after Vulcan, the Summers brother who now rules the Shi'ar Empire, just gets me pumped up.

This week is just that big. Enjoy it, people!

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