Thursday, September 20, 2007

Superman/Doomsday DVD Review

I watched Superman/Doomsday on DVD last night. I'm trying to forget it today.

Now, before you go labeling me a fanboy who cannot take deviation from a comic's original story, I'll make it clear that I knew going in that the story had changed drastically and was ready for it.

What I wasn't ready for was changes that didn't need to be made — like Lois Lane dating Superman, but Superman's INTIMACY ISSUES keep him from admitting he's Clark Kent. Like Jimmy Olsen having a whole cheesy character arc in which he shies away from hard-hitting news in favor of being a paparazzi. I also wasn't ready for Doomsday to make his final exit from the show in the first 25 minutes. Yes, I know Doomsday dies in the story, but I thought that if they were titling it Superman/Doomsday and since Cyborg Supes was not involved, that maybe we would get another Doomsday fight at the end.

No, we didn't even get a stripped-down version of the "Death and Life of Superman" story, what we got was a Doomsday fight fit into a Superman Clone story. Instead of wasting all that time talking about Superman and Lois' intimacy, we could have better set up Doomsday's slow progression toward Metropolis (one of the best parts of the original story in my mind.) Instead of bothering with Jimmy Olsen, we could have gotten a quick story involving John Henry Irons helping Metropolis. Or -- and this is a novel concept -- they could have made the movie longer the 78 minutes to fit in some of this stuff!!!

It was just a great big pile of trash. I would have much preferred spending 80 minutes re-watching an arc from the 1990's Superman cartoon than this DVD. Why did they even attempt to make this storyline if they were going to change so much???

I am now not so optimistic for DC's next release, "The New Frontier," another of my favorite stories. In the words of Mr. T, you better "Treat Her Right," DC!

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