Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Buy Pile Report: Astonishing X-Men

Did everyone enjoy their quarterly dose of Astonishing X-Men? Supposedly, we're getting our next issue on Sept. 26. I doubt it. Either way, Astonishing X-Men #22 was out this week, and the story is finally picking up steam.

If we can remember back to everything that happened in the last four issues or so in the last year, basically, the X-Men are on the Breakworld, a faction on the planet wants to kill Colossus, a faction thinks he is a savior, and Kitty thinks he's the Cat's Meow. And, apparently, "More than she could have imagined" (Ewww).

Meanwhile Emma is revealing that Danger cannot kill a fly, while powerless Cyclops is getting kicked around, but just as badass as ever. The teams were all broken up into two-person teams, for reasons that seem a little unnecessary now that they've reconvened in this issue.

So what was new in this one? And how did this issue end, you ask? With Scott taking a one-man ship by himself to save everyone else, diverting enemy attack away from the main ship. And, as the cover to this issue would indicate, he was shot out of the sky, left to drift in space. So for the second time in two issues, it appears Scott is dead.

Since the promos for "Messiah Complex" feature Cyclops, I'm reasonably sure that they don't let Whedon kill my guy in this series. Still, Badass Cyclops looks cooked. My prediction? Emma succeeds at re-opening the channels to his powers, and somehow Optic Blasts save him in space. God only knows how that is possible, maybe he opens his eyes and they catapult him toward a ship he can enter.

This is a series that definitely will play best as a TPB, but for now I'm enjoying the little by little story telling we're getting. With only two issues left, you can be sure we'll finally get a whole lot of action.

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