Friday, August 31, 2007

The good bad and ugly for NBA Live 08

Gamespot has a decent sized preview of EA Sports' upcoming NBA Live 08 at THIS LINK, and there are two noticeable pieces of news you should know about.

1: The Good News is that EA has FINALLY implemented Online Leagues. And while the league option in NBA Live seems a bit lackluster, it is better than nothing and shows that EA has finally caught on that people want this. I'm sure it will be developed more fully in the future. However, this option is too little too late (Why wasn't it in Madden?!?)

2: The Bad News is THIS:

"Interestingly, if the opposing team passes the ball, Live 08 will automatically switch your player control to the player closest to the ball. Although there's no option to turn this feature off that we could find, you can go into the menu system and choose to control one position for the entire game if you like."

Seriously? I mean, I won't cast final judgement until I try this out myself, but if this option is actually in the game and cannot be turned off, it would turn me off from the game altogether.

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