Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mario and Sonic going for Gold

IGN has a great look at the upcoming Wii title "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games" at THIS LINK.

I've said plenty of times that I'm no fan of Wiimote controls, but all of these games do sound interesting, and you know at least five or six more events are on the way.

Archery especially has caught my attention -- But, if the Wii can acurately be controlled in the way they describe, pressing down the A and B buttons and pulling back the Wiimote like a real arrow, I would be shocked. My knock on the Wii has always been that their grand ideas are bigger than their Wiimote's capabilities. But, we'll see.

Between this game, Super Smash Bros. Mario Galaxy, and Mario Kart in the first quarter of 2008, there will soon actually GOOD reasons to buy a Wii.

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