Monday, August 13, 2007

Report on the 4400: "Daddy's Little Girl"

What could possibly be more jaw-dropping than Richard de-aging Isabelle to a toddler? Seeing Lilly in the previews for next week, of course!

Oh where have you gone, sensible ex-military pilot Richard Tyler? Once a quiet, peaceful guy, Richard is now, apparently a Diesel murdering kidnapping badass. I don't really think that what Richard went through in seasons 1-3 would lead him to such a change, but he sure is an interesting character now!

I've always loved telekenetics, and seeing Richard apply his talents on screen was a treat. Sure, he threw around his kitchen utensils a couple of times last season, but seeing him pin people to walls and cutoff bloodflow was something else.

But, oh yeah, there was a storyline in there too. And you have to love the idea of Isabelle becoming a kid again... although you know it won't last. Grownup Isabelle is a regular on the show, and more than that, she's an attractive young actress, something networks like in a show they possibly pickup for a sixth season. Still, I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

And, I am dying to know whether or not Lilly's return is for good! Speaking of young attractive actresses, for my money, Lilly was always the best. My guess, unfortunately, is Richard only sees her as a 4400-induced delusion, possibly during an Isabelle recovery mission.

This episode also had a nice little typical story featuring Tess and her Schizophrenia. She goes nuts, she uses her power in a harmful way, Kevin and Shawn cure her, its all old hat.

Still, the revelation that Kevin "The father of 4400 technology" Burkoff is beginning to make "The Shot" safer was a major development.

All in all, this episode just opened up more and more plotlines. Honestly, this season we've gotten the 4400 religion, promise city, Shawn running for city council, the Marked, Isabelle de-aging, and safer(?) 4400 shots.


So then, how about some Random Thoughts?

1) With how Richard was acting, I wonder if that horrible future Shawn saw after smoking that Cigar last year actually comes to pass?

2) I still find it suspicious that Cassie is so eager for Kyle to find Isabelle... I still am not sure about her and this White-Light book...

3) I've said it before, I'll say it again, Tom's flirting with Megan just looks awkward.

4) Oh, and the more we see Megan, the less we see Diana. I'd rather Diana.

5) I missed the first 10 minutes... Did Tom lose his Mole and then get it back at the end? Really?

6) Just call 1-800-LOV-SHWN for the assistance of Shawn, the Love Doctor

7) I guess at some point between last week and this week either Tom or Jordan broke down and hung up on each other.

8) I'm DYING to see how Lilly is back next week. Because, you know they could pull that "Isabelle's youth = Lilly's youth" thing they did to kill Lilly in the first place...

9) Tess is now staying with Shawn, a person who needs people to choose to vote for him... see where I'm going with this?

10) Would Kevin's safe way of taking the shot effectively end the conflict among Shawn and Jordan? and for that matter, would the U.S. Government start to be OK with 4400's? Would it be the beginning of the end of conflict in the show?

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