Sunday, August 19, 2007

EA Favoring Xbox 360 over PS3

I just spotted THIS LINK to a New York Times blog over at GameSpot...

Apparently EA is now telling the New York Times that as a release date nears, they favor the Xbox 360 version of a title, making sure it has the final coat of polish on it, because of the large disparity in the number of people owning a 360 vs. PS3.

The ratio of 360 owners vs. Ps3 owners is still 7 to 1, so it is only logical that a company would favor a system with a bigger audience, especially since the 360 is a little easier to program for.

However, the question becomes this -- Yes, it makes sense now, but in doing so, does this discourage future consumers from buying a PS3? If they know they can either buy a PS3 or an Xbox, wouldn't they go for the console that gets more polish in their games? And isn't this a major blow for the PS3, since their major selling point has always been SUPERIOR Games, eventually?

This strategy is a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy, helping to keep Xbox's large number of owners advantage constant.

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