Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Virginia Beach Fun

So, I've been in Virginia Beach for the past couple of days, after attending a Wedding in Williamsburg, which is why we have no comic book release list this week, and which is why I've fallen behind on the news scene.

But, there are some very big books coming out today, like the conclusion to Amazons Attack and the first issue of the long-awaited 52 spinoff series "The Four Horsemen," just to name a couple. So make sure you get out to your local shop today and get in on the action.

Also, on Tuesday, Heroes: Season One came out on DVD at HD DVD, which I made sure to stop at a Circuit City on the way home to buy. The new season is just a month away!

There was also plenty of news breaks that happened, and I'll get to those through the day, as I get a free pocket of time here and there in the office.

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