Friday, August 10, 2007

Saturday's Gaming in the Journal

If you've a single brain cell to your name, you'll be smart enough to pick up Saturday's Poughkeepsie Journal, and turn to the Gaming page on page 2C (within the Sports section).

This week I got a little bored on Sunday night, which meant I got a little creative when designing this page. This week we have a full Fantasy Football preview section, all shaped to look like a football field. It's the bomb... that is, it would be the bomb, if this were 10 years ago and the phrase "the bomb" was still in style.

What's that? You say you fellow Gaming Geeks don't care much for the fantasy sports portion of the page? Well, to satisfy you gamers, Intern Travis Miller composed us a column on three of the best indy games that you can find for free on the net.

It's all good in the hood, check it out in all its full-color glory, page 2C on Saturday.

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