Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wii Madden Party mode?

I'm beginning to think that you're not allowed to make a game for Nintendo's Wii if you don't include a "Party mode."

OK, know that's not entirely true, as I just played Mario Strikers and there wasn't quite a party mode in that, but still, most Wii games are party-centric.

Case in point: Madden NFL 08 on the Wii. visit at THIS LINK to read all about the 23 different mini-games that come packaged with Madden on Wii. Some sound fun, some sound repetitive, but overall it sounds like a nice trade-off in return to giving up the traditional Madden experience in buying it on Wii.

But, the one point that really stands out to me... You can use your Wiimote as a Telestrator! I've been wanting a telestrator video game since 1991!!! Hell, I may buy two versions of Madden just so on one I can telestrate. Eat your heart out, Mike Fratello!

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