Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This week's comic expectations

For DC fans, this week is essentially Cocaine. You're going to go and get all high and crazy on all the good stuff on the shelves this week, as it seems 90% of the best DC has to offer is coming out. Sure, as soon as the week is over you're going to crash like an addict with no cash flow because DC won't have much more to offer for the next few weeks -- but who cares? You DC fans are getting high Wednesday!

Oh, and Marvel has some good titles coming out as well.

In fact, there's such a depth of comics coming out that I'm itching for, that we're going to have to do this post lightning-round style this week.

- Amazons Attack #5: Thank God this event is almost over, as much because it has been a disappointment as because now SOMETHING has to happen, right? It's the penultimate chapter, after all, something cool has to happen!

- Booster Gold #1: The breakout star of "52" (I've loved the guy for years) finally gets his own comic again, this time surfing around alternate universes with Rip Hunter -- all plotted by Geoff Johns. Jump on board!

- Brave and the Bold #6: Mark Waid's enjoyable first story comes to a head, with the Lords of Destiny or somethingerother in control of both the Destiny book and the probability gun. or whatever those things are. The point is, a fight is coming this week, and a resolution. If you haven't been reading, I strongly recommend picking up the TPB.

- Captain America #29: Winter Soldier is coming after Tony Stark while Red Skull is coming after everyone. And Falcon and Sharon, in her Natalie Portman Star Wars Episode II outfit, begin their investigation into who killed Cap. I think Sharon has a few ideas on that, though. Just a hunch.

- Countdown #37: It's Countdown, I know, by this point either you're buying or you're not. Still, this week shows promise if only because the Rogues are on the cover getting harassed by Pamela Eisley A.K.A. Poison Ivy.

- Flash #231: The first issue of Mark Waid's return to numbering for his Wally West Flash. Did that sentence make any sense? You get the jist, right? Either way, Wait + Flash + revenge for Bart's Death = good stuff!

- Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #23: I'm not a regular Spidey reader, but I may check this one out -- J. Jonah Jameson and Parker meet for the first time since the unmasking. Sparks Flying, kids!

- Justice League of America #12: Brad Meltzer's final issue is another one-shot, and for my money that's what he does best lately. This one seems to be featuring Red Tornado and the lesser characters (again) which, again, is what he is good at lately. I've enjoyed his run.

- New X-Men #41: The final issue in the "Quest for Magik" arc will bring a final showdown in Limbo and perhaps a return of Illyana Rasputin to Earth... though I doubt it.

- Robin #165: I know I've trumpeted Beechen's Robin before, but this story is just about taking the cake. Robin is currently trapped in a hospital with a team of villains all looking to off him for good (when are they not?). Again, this is another book that I recommend the TPB for those not reading, especially since Beechen's run is almost finished.

- Sub-Mariner #3: One of the most surprisingly good mini-series of the year continues as Wolverine comes after Namor, who is simply trying to uncover the truth of who is trying to start a war between Atlantis and America.

Whew! I think that's more than enough for one week! Enjoy!

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