Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This week's comic expectations

Here's hoping this week is "Astonishing." And, here's hoping this week isn't as cheesy as my lead.

Yes, Astonishing X-Men #22 FINALLY comes out this week, ending nearly a quarter of a year of wait. Still, this story so far has been worth it. Colossus and Kitty are together, in the palace of a people who claim Piotr to be a savior. Emma is telling Danger to kill her, after Scott crashed to the ground unconscious. AND, most of the people on the breakworld want to blow up Earth and Colossus. These past 21 issues have ranked among the best isolated stories in X-Men history, and if we can ever get an ending, I'm guessing it won't disappoint.

But, "Astonishing" is not the only book out worth buying. Amazing Spider-Man #543 leads directly into the highly anticipated "One More Day" story, with Peter still reeling from his most recent disaster and deadset on going after ole' Wilson Fisk. Marvel has been promoting this as if Spidey is going to cross the line and kill somebody at the end of this story -- and considering how stupidly Marvel has handled the character in recent years, Peter very well may cross the line.

Also from Marvel is Halo: Uprising #1. Now, we all know that comic book tie-ins like this are historically horrible. Still, the Halo brand has been spinning gold wherever it goes, and you just know that no matter how bad the comic is, the fanboy nation will keep this book's sales high, so you may as well give this one a try early.

We also have a pair of "World War Hulk" tie-ins this week in World War Hulk Gamma Files #1 and World War Hulk Gamma Corps. #2. I'm hoping you've realized by now that all the tie-ins for WWH (outside of MAYBE Incredible Hulk) are a complete waste of time and money. These two are not worth your time.

From DC, the Sinestro Corps. War continues in Green Lantern Corps. #15, in which the Yellow Ring-Slingers attack MOGO. I don't even know how you kill a living planet or fight a living planet, but, damnit, we're going to find out together!

Other solid DC picks include Green Arrow Year One #4, the next part in the highly-underrated Oliver Queen mini-series, and Blue Beetle #18, a tie-in with next week's Teen Titans #50 (in which the team reboots with Beetle as a member).

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