Wednesday, August 8, 2007

End of Spidey and MJ?

Marvel, yet again, dropped a teaser on Tuesday to breaking up Peter Parker and Mary Jane in the upcoming "One More Day" event.

This image was released with the caption "The End of An Era: Amazing Spider-Man #545"

It sure looks like Marvel is finally going to break up their marquee couple, after years of Joey Q openly saying how much he hated that Spidey was married.

Joe has said numerous times how you can tell so many more single Peter Parker stories than married Peter Parker stories. Personally, I think that's just a damn lazy thing to say, and reflective of the lack of imagination the "House of Ideas" has nowadays.

Now, first off, I'll say that I doubt this will come to pass, simply because it is being teased to so openly.

Second, I'll say that, while we may get some quality stories out of this breakup (if it comes to pass), it will be kicking sand into the face of every Spider-Man fan under the age of 25, and every big fan of the movie. While Peter Parker may have been a darned interesting teenage single hero back in the 1960's and 70's, he has now been a happily married mid-20's character for decades.


And plenty of readers love this older Peter just as much as the older fans love younger Peter. Plenty of readers love Mary Jane as much as the older fans love Gwen Stacy, too.

Why is it that Marvel cannot let any married folks just be happy, and bring havoc into other parts of their lives instead? They broke up Scott and Jean, they're giving Reed and Sue hell, and now this.

You don't see Lois divorcing Clark. Hell, Justice Society #8 just made me fall in love with the married couple of Liberty Belle and Hourman.

If MJ and Peter's breakup comes to pass, it would just be damn lazy writing, and that offends me as a writer and as a fan.

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