Thursday, August 2, 2007

Buy Pile Report

It's been a long time since I bought five or more comics in a week, and none of them sucked.

This week, I bought five, and all were pretty good. A couple were even really pretty good.

The see-saw ride that is the Hulk's attack on Earth got good again in World War Hulk #3. In this installment, we see the U.S. Army, led by Thunderbolt Ross, attack Green Scar with adamantium bullets (and fail) while Dr. Strange attacked psychically/mystically (and fail). Dr. Strange's attack was one of the young event's highlights, though, with Stephen actually getting through to talk to Bruce Banner's true rational self for a few moments... before Hulk came back and crushed Strange's hands. All good stuff.

However, I am not entirely sure this series will remain on the right path. Hulk is apparently changing Madison Square Garden into a Gladiator arena (call Russel Crowe), where he will pit hero against hero. Also, Dr. Strange has apparently ingested a demon named Zom (a demon which exists only to destroy and is more powerful than Dormammu) in order to attack the Hulk.

Do I even need to ask? Why would Doc Strange think Zom's presence improves things? and more than that -- why the bloody hell isn't big bad angry Hulk just KILLING PEOPLE?!?

The other damn near great issue of the week was Justice Society of America #8. This is one of the finest standalone stories I can remember in a long time. In one big swoop it gives a complete background story on Liberty Belle's evolution (her childhood and history as Jesse Quick), explains how she and Hourman got together, and then Geoff Johns lets her use it all to comfort Damage, who is a bit out of his mind looking to blow up Zoom.

Honestly, before this issue I really did not know much of Liberty Belle or Hourman, and I could give a damn about Damage. This issue alone has made all three of them living breathing characters to me, and Liberty Belle and Hourman are damn likable.

There really isn't a great way to summarize exactly what transpires in the issue, its a flashback mixed with a present day narration and adventure. But, trust me, if you're a JSA fan or simply a DC Universe fan, this is a well-written read.

Speaking of the DC U, Countdown #39 didn't suck. That's like the third straight time Countdown didn't suck! Not enough really happened worth going into, as each issue just tends to give like 4 pages to each story, inching each plotline along, but what was written for each story DIDN'T SUCK! If you've been on the fence with Countdown, maybe you're feeling safer about buying for the duration. If you had gotten off the bandwagon, maybe it's time to give Countdown a second chance.

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