Monday, August 6, 2007

Report on the 4400: "No Exit"

There was an episode of Saved by the Bell, in which the whole gang sleeps in the Mall overnight in order to buy U2 tickets, and for most of the time they are running around hiding from two men chasing them.

Unfortunately, that's all I could think about while watching this week's episode of The 4400.

By the end of the show, when all the secrets were out in the open, it wasn't AS BAD as I first thought. It was interesting at best. At worst, it may have been a shark-jumper.

Basically, everyone in the cast wakes up randomly in NTAC, with no knowledge of how they got there. By the end, they find out they are only there in virtual reality (possibly deadly virtual reality), brought into a "game" by a promicin positive.

And I mean, EVERYONE you know from the show was brought in. Collier, Kyle, Isabelle, Shawn, Maia were all there, in addition to the NTAC regulars Tom, Diana, Megan and the three theory room musketeers.

As it turns out, one of the two theory room guys that's not Marco took the shot and brought everyone there in an effort to bring peace. Which did answer the question of why, all of a sudden, were we seeing all the theory room guys often and not just Marco.

To make a long story short, Tom and Jordan sacrifice themselves together to win "the game," gaining a newfound respect for one another.

It all just felt very forced (which I guess is fair, since the group was forced to be there) and cheesy that only the characters we know were brought together for this little game.

I dunno, maybe I'm missing something. But this does just feel like a filler episode, and an excuse to have Shock Moments, like Shawn and Isabelle waking up in bed together and Megan "dying."


1) Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said THIS: "And I'll give you one prediction right off the bat on this subject -- New NTAC Head Megan IS A MEMBER OF THE MARKED. I'll give you one better -- Tom is going to be the one to find out, after she and Tom get very chummy, if you know what I mean, and he gets real close to her ear."

Well in the preview for next week, Tom and Megan are kissing, and she's reaching for his EAR... be ready for an "I told you so" in 7 days!

2) And speaking of Megan, I'm hoping she's purposely trying to seduce him for evil purposes, because otherwise she's just been pathetically throwing herself at Tom.

3) Oh, and Richard's back next week! Hells, yeah!

4) Now that we're rid of the big theory room guy, we need to get rid of the smaller one. That guy annoys me.

5) Why is Isabelle acting like killing someone with a scalpel is so unsavory, when just last season she was slaughtering people left and right?

6) I wonder if Jordan or Tom has hung up yet?
"No, you hang up, Tom!"
"I'm not going to hang up, you have to hang up first, Jordan!"
"OK, we'll hang up on three. One, Two, Three!"
"You didn't hang up!"
"You didn't hang up either!"
"Well I'm not hanging up first, Jordan!"

7) Kyle's acting when approaching Tom after Shawn's death was pretty tight.

8) Why is Maia so concerned with Marko? She's a Ben fan... and for that matter, what does Marko want with Diana's meatloaf if she's not going to cook him dessert?

9) I was just about to say how funny I found one of the Sonic Restaurant commercials, when I realized I just last week said how they were growing on me. What is it with me and Sonic? I've never even been to one!

10) I wonder if my girlfriend knows how to hotwire an armory room?

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